Ways to Propose in New York: Samuel and Maegan

Samuel and Maegan first met in May 2014 while working out at their local CrossFit gym.

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The first thing that attracted Maegan to Samuel was his smile and confidence.

“He had no hesitation while completing his first ring muscle up!”

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Samuel was drawn to Maegan’s smile and beautiful blue eyes, as well as her shared passion for fitness.

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Maegan knew he was the one because the simplest things made her nervous. “I was afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. I wanted to do everything to show him how much I appreciated him without it being too over the top too soon. While driving home after dropping him at the airport for Afghanistan, it was then I realized I had just dropped someone off that I was beginning to fall in love with and it was going to be the ultimate test to our relationship.” Samuel showed her he felt the same way with a stunning diamond ring at a beautiful picnic in Central Park in New York.

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Samuel purchased this beautiful ring from Ascot Diamonds!

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