Photo Washington, D.C. Proposal Ideas – Sultan & Saharnaz Waterfront Proposal

Washington, D.C. Proposal Ideas – Sultan & Saharnaz Waterfront Proposal

On a picturesque spring day, Sultan took Saharnaz for a sun-streaked stroll in Old Town Alexandria, near Washington, D.C.

He paused in the serene silence of a waterfront Gazebo, knelt down on one knee, and presented Saharnaz with a sparkling custom ring from Adiamor Jewelers.

As he placed the ring on her hand, Saharnaz could barely contain her joy– and Paparazzi Proposals was there to capture their perfect moment.

But all happy endings have beginnings too!  For Sultan and Saharnaz, their fairytale started in their college cafeteria in January of 2008.  A mutual friend insisted that the two would be perfect for each other and invited them both to lunch.

“After meeting, we ended up being in the same Western Civilization class,” said Saharnaz. “And it turns out after all, that Layla–my childhood friend–was absolutely right!”

For Sultan, it was love at first sight.  Saharnaz’s bright smile and bubbly personality won him over.  He began casually courting her, walking her to class and doing everything he could to make her smile, dancing in the hallways and cracking jokes.

It worked–Saharnaz said that Sultan’s ability to make her laugh hysterically that had her falling for him.

Sultan knew Saharnaz was The One from the first day they talked.

“It really isn’t easy to describe it in words, but it’s a feeling of when you know, you know!” He said.

His initial instincts were confirmed as Saharnaz stood by him, through good times and bad.  Saharnaz said their romance was rocky in the beginning, but after reconnecting in June 2009, she knew the moment she saw him that she never wanted to be apart from him again.

As their love grew, Sultan began planning an amazing proposal.  Both Saharnaz and Sultan loved Old Town Alexandria, and the couple had shared many romantic dates there, so Sultan decided it would be the perfect location to pop the question.  He enlisted Saharnaz’s friends to plan a “girls night out” so he could go and ask her parents for her hand in marriage, and contacted Paparazzi Proposals to capture the magic.

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