Photo Washington D.C. Surprise Proposal Photography

Washington D.C. Surprise Proposal Photography

Paparazzi Proposals loved being a part of this classically romantic picnic proposal in Washington D.C.’s Meridian Hill Park! Before we see their magical afternoon, here’s a little of the love story that brought them here!

How Did You Guys Meet?

Maeve and I first met just after finishing our third year at the University of Georgia. Almost everyone had already left town for summer, but a mutual friend convinced each of us to stay and go out one night so we could be introduced. We met out on the town and spent the rest of the night talking over drinks and pizza. Soon after, we parted ways to return home for the summer, and as Maeve likes to point out, I never called her. However, things quickly picked back up when we returned in the fall, and we formally went on our first date.

Washington DC Proposal Photography Matt - 11


The happy couple posed for a few great portrait shots.  Matt opted for the Proposal Photography Package to capture each moment of their engagement. View their full proposal slideshow for more stunning photographs.


What First Attracted You To The Other?

I was instantly attracted to Maeve’s intelligence and drive, but was equally struck by how down to earth and engaging she was.

I thought Matt looked adorable in his glasses, and was impressed by his mature demeanor. The passion and drive with which he approached life attracted me even more.

Why Did You Choose This Location To Proposal?

DC has always been a special place to both Maeve and I; so I knew I wanted to do it in town. I knew Meridian Hill Park would be beautiful and provide some privacy- both things I wanted for our engagement. We actually do go on picnics from time to time, so I knew using it as a cover wouldn’t arouse any suspicion!

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