Photo Toronto Perfect Proposal: Brendan and Shirley

Toronto Perfect Proposal: Brendan and Shirley

In partnership with Canada Mark, we’re giving away a free Paparazzi Proposals photography package to the first 10 customers to purchase a beautiful Canada Mark ring from Fair Trade Jewellery in Toronto.

This is one of the lucky couples: Brendan & Shirley 

We couldn’t have been more excited to help Brendan pull off his dream surprise engagement proposal, and even better, to capture it in pictures. It was a surprise Brendan’s girlfriend, Shirley, was ecstatic to receive!

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Brendan invited Shirley on a romantic stroll through the Toronto Musical Gardens, which has beautiful views of the water and trees and even more beautiful, colorful, blooming gardens.

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At the picture-perfect moment, Shirley turned around to find Brendan down on one knee with a diamond ring. Our sly photographer was discreetly hidden, capturing every magical moment.

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Brendan purchased the stunning Canada Mark ring from Fair Trade Jewellery in Toronto. Not only are their rings beautiful, but their diamonds are among the most responsibly sourced in the world, mined and processed in ways that benefit local communities and maintain a high standard of environmental stewardship. And as a result of choosing Canada Mark, he receive a complimentary Paparazzi Proposals photography package! Not only did he get the perfect ring, but the picture-perfect engagement.

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Now, Brendan and Shirley have 100+ high-res, edited images to share with family and friends. They’ll be able to relive their special day for days, years and decades to come!

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