Photo Toronto Marriage Proposals| Jitender and Ruchie

Toronto Marriage Proposals| Jitender and Ruchie

There are so many amazing places to propose in Toronto, but one of our favorites is the Toronto Islands! 

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Jitender and Ruchie met at work 4 years ago. She used to see him around work, but was too shy to introduce herself and, so, Jitender became her work crush. It wasn’t until she moved to his department a year ago that they started to talk.

“A mutual friend would go tell him how I liked him, and then tell me, he liked me. Over several coffee dates in the cafe, we fell in love.”

Ruchie was drawn to his confidence, and Jitender was initially attracted to her eyes, smile and personality, and the attraction only grew as they started to make more and more conversation at work.

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During one of their dates when driving around and discussing pets they wanted, Jitender mentioned eventually wanting to get a big dog and that his wife could take care of it. Ruchie immediately responded, “I’m not taking care of it.”  They both looked at each other and laughed, and that’s when they both knew that they had found the one.

Jitender chose to propose at Centre Island overlooking downtown Toronto. They love Toronto, and he wanted the city, lake and picnic setting all to be a part of the proposal!

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