Photo Toronto Engagement Proposals: Olugbenga and Sadine

Toronto Engagement Proposals: Olugbenga and Sadine

Sometimes, all it takes is one night to change everything. For Olugbenga and Sadine, it only took one night to fall in love. 

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Olugbenga met Sadine while they were both on a weekend trip in Vegas with friends. They bumped paths at the Marquee and, though, it was only one night, one night changed their lives forever. Olugbenga lived in Virginia and Sadine lived in Ohio, but this didn’t discourage them. They sustained a long-distance relationship for over two years, sometimes talking on the phone for hours at a time, but for them it felt like minutes.

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After searching multiple jewelry stores, Olugbenga chose to purchase the ring at the founding Jared Galleria of Jewelry location in Akron, OH. The second the diamond was placed in the ring, he knew that it was ‘the one’ for Sadie. He tells us the lady at the jewelry store actually started crying because it was so beautiful.

Eventually, Olugbenga packed his bags and followed his heart to Ohio. And now they never have to separate paths again.

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