Photo Top tips when planning your engagement proposal

Top tips when planning your engagement proposal

This could be the most important day of your life. It could set the scene for many happy years ahead, so why leave things to chance. Plan your engagement proposal as much as you can!

We’ve put together a few of our top tips when planning to pop the question, but if you’d prefer to run your ideas past a real live proposal concierge, we’ve got you covered. Simply call us at 888-287-5120 or fill out the form, below for a free consultation with one of our experts!

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We offer proposal planning and suprise engagement photography in 26 cities nationwide, so whether you’re planning to propose in Los Angeles, New York City, or anywhere in between, we’re ready to help you plan and capture your dream engagement!  In the meantime, brush up on your proposal etiquette with advice from the experts to get you ready for the Big Ask!

1. Gauge how your partner will react when you pop the question


New York City Proposal Photography Chris-7

This is something you should think very carefully about! If your partner is very emotional and will no doubt burst into floods of tears you may think twice about dropping to one knee in a very public area! Mascara running down her face will not probably be top of the ways she will want to remember the engagement! That said if you think she will like the attention to details and the surprise of a public engagement then you need to get cracking! Also remember to give yourself more time than you think. With more time comes more attention to detail and this will make your engagement go from good to perfect.

2. Buying the engagement ring

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This is probably the hardest part of it all. First of all you have to choose your jeweler. This may come from a recommendation from a friend or family member, but just because they had a great experience does not guarantee you one! Make sure you look around and find a store and jeweler that listens to you and what your after. This will be on your partner’s finger for the rest of their life, so you need to make sure it’s right!

Then you have to choose if you’re going to buy the ring beforehand or if you would like to wait and let your partner be apart of that process. There are some ways to help with both of these processes. If you’re going to choose the ring beforehand make sure you do your homework! At some point she will have said what kind of cut diamond she likes, even if its a magazine left open your coffee table. Women are amazing at leaving hints that us men normally miss or ignore! When you have the cut of diamond decided you then need to work out the size! Still feel a bit in the dark?  Check out our post from Greenwich Jewelers with advice on buying an engagement ring

The other important point to remember is that a lot of jewelers will allow you to have a proposal ring. This is a ring that has some value but is not the end product, it allows you to have a ring that sparkles and looks great to drop to one knee with but also allows you both to create the perfect engagement ring together. This is a very useful service and some jewelers may not provide it, so make sure you get what you want out of it and that way you can both surprise her and show you want her to be a part of the experience of actually choosing her perfect engagement ring.

3. Propose on one knee

New York City Proposal Ideas Christopher - 1

It is such a worldly recognized symbol it is a must that you drop to bended knee when asking your partner. The custom of proposing on one knee hearkens back to the days of knighthood and chivalry when it was customary for a knight to dip his knee in a show of servitude to his mistress and his master. The knight would kneel before a tournament and wait for “his” lady to toss him her ribbon or colors, as an indication of her favor. This may be dated and not relevant in todays world but it means a lot to her – guaranteed!

4. Try not to tell anyone about the marriage proposal

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Even though you may need to get some help from friends or family in the planning and executing of the perfect proposal the more people you tell the greater the chance of it slipping out and her knowing! You also have to be careful of telling people in case something happens and you have to postpone it for a while. Nothing worse than getting everyone excited and then having to explain the delay. It will also help to celebrate the engagement afterwards, the real fun of the engagement comes with champagne, friends and family and the story of how it all happened, so let that raw excitement and happiness be enjoyed by everyone.

5. Ask her father’s permission (and ask him to keep the wedding proposal quiet)

New York City Proposal Photography Brandon - 12

Brandon drove miles to ask Jennifer’s father for her hand in marriage long before their trip to NYC for their proposal!

This is arguably the most important part of any engagement. Not only will it set you right with your in-laws which is very important but it also will mean so much to your fiance. Due to distance or timings even if it over the phone make sure you do it. In person is best and over a drink helps to calm the nerves but it will mean so much to the father and your fiance. One good tip is to try and not leave it too long after asking the father to actually asking his daughter! This also cuts the time and risk of him slipping it out to a family member and ruining it all together!

6. Have a backup proposal plan


New York City Proposal Ideas Scott - 21

Even the best laid plans can sometimes go terribly wrong, due to traffic, weather or something completely unforeseen!
With the help of proposal planners and external help these are limited but always have a back up plan or scenario. This could be something as simple as in front of a fire at home. In this situation the gesture should do the talking and not an elaborate plan.

7. Plan something that is special between the two of you

New York City Proposal Photography Clarence - 15

Clarence added a musician and rose petals to his proposal photography package so that he could propose to the song they shared their first dance to!

This is also so key. She may say she loves football and go every Sunday with you to the game, but this does not mean she wants thousands of fans with painted faces and warm beer jumping around her when you drop to one knee! Think about special occasions that you have had in the past that holds a certain importance to you. If its a restaurant you went to when you first met, it is often easy to disguise your proposal plans by saying you’ve made reservations to go again. Try and keep it as normal as possible until you drop to one knee. The reaction and the surprise will be what she always remembers and you can have romantic and special plans ready for afterwards.

8. Be at your best

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This one is fairly straightforward but worth remembering. If your going to say a few words when your down on one knee, run through them before hand so you know what to say. Even the most romantic words will come out in a jumble when the adrenaline is flowing. Dutch courage is fine, a small brandy or whiskey to settle the nerves is great, downing half a bottle of scotch will not only stop you remembering half of it but will not be how she has dreamed of the words! Have champagne and a plan ready for afterwards, so that you can go and enjoy the moment even more.

Last but not least… dust off that good suit, get your hair cut and make sure you look your best. Nothing makes you feel more like the man than when you’re in a tailored suit looking your best, and she will really appreciate the efforts you have made.

If you’re still looking for advice, make sure to contact us to run your ideas past a proposal expert!