Top of the Rock NYC Marriage Proposal

David’s romantic Top of the Rock marriage proposal to Jill was the perfect NYC marriage proposal idea!



How They Met:

David and Jill met at work in their hometown of Buffalo.

“I wish I could tell you we met in some exotic place under the stars, or someplace sexy like the Caribbean, but that’s just not the case here,” David said, comically.  But it was the effort that David put in just to meet Jill that makes their love story romantic, no matter the setting.
The two crossed paths at work, and David noticed her immediately. He thought she was “drop-dead gorgeous,” and wanted to get to know her. He thought about how he could see her again, and reached out to one of his coworkers who worked directly with Jill to get him into some of the meetings they attended together.

Falling in Love:

Every time their paths “crossed,” David struck up conversation and turned on the charm.

Jill was impressed that he was able to make her laugh. She ultimately agreed to go on a date with him, despite their mutual concern about dating someone they worked with.
“Neither one of us could say no!” He said. “Something just drew us to each other.”
On their first date, conversation was easy. They spoke all night, with Jill revealing at one point that she thought she was never going to get married. David immediately thought he was going to change her mind. During that meal, he already had decided that one day, he would ask Jill to marry him.
He simply knew that he couldn’t live with out her.
They went out on two more dates that week, and by Friday, Jill had reversed her opinion on marriage. She knew David was The One, even after just one week of dating.
As they got to know each other, their initial feelings were confirmed. Being together was easy. They both work high-pressure jobs, but when they were together, all of the stress seemed to melt away. Thinking back on their respective paths, David and Jill decided that it was nothing short of fate that brought them together. They felt lucky to have met each other.

The Proposal:

David said Jill knows him better than anyone, so she had an idea that he was going to propose on their weekend getaway to NYC.

He wanted to make sure that the proposal itself was a surprise tailored to Jill’s interests.
Jill loves photography, so David searched the web and came across Paparazzi Proposals‘ unique approach to surprise engagement photography.  He knew instantly it would be perfect for his proposal with a view.
“Who wants to take a crappy selfie stick up there and mess around with that spoiling the ambiance, when you can surreptitiously have [Paparazzi Proposals] follow you around and get the best shots!” He said. “It’s a pretty baller little twist to add to the night, and now we can remember this trip for the rest of our lives,” said David.
So on a Saturday night, he took Jill on a tour of Top of the Rock. With the Manhattan night skyline in the background, he dropped to one knee and presented her with a stunning ring from Reed’s Jewelers in their hometown.
And of course, she said, “Yes!”
David added that he wanted Jill to be able to show off their big moment to friends and family with professional photos. View their full proposal slideshow for more of their incredible photos.

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