Photo Top New York Proposal Idea of the Week: A Slice of Love

Top New York Proposal Idea of the Week: A Slice of Love

One of our favorite proposal ideas this week involved 21 boxes of pizza, which had 21 occasions of when Josh realized that he loved Lindy written inside. Love, pizza and a diamond ring? Can it get any better? How about a romantic love story to go along with it! 

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New York City Engagement Photography Josh-4

Josh and Lindy met on a teen tour in 2006. He was 15, and she was 14. She was wearing a green Abercrombie shirt. After spending an afternoon in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry and Navy Pier, he knew they had something special. This was especially confirmed when they shared their first kiss at the frozen foods aisle of a supermarket, doing their weekly junk food shopping.

Lindy had an exotic look to her and was spunky and confident, which according to Josh, he was not. Though he knew she was the one when he was 15-years-old, he knew for sure some time later, at his cousin’s wedding.

“Showing Lindy off to so many family members who’d never met her and letting loose on the dance floor just crystallized everything for me and made me realize that I was never going to let her go.”

Over the course of 10 years, there were so many moments in which Lindy knew he was the one. However, the one that stuck out was seeing how well he interacted with her nieces. The loved he showed and continues to show for them daily proved to her that he was husband material!

New York City Marriage Proposal Josh-6

Josh loved the idea of incorporating New York City in one way or another into the proposal.

“Lindy is the reason I live here, and she is the reason I’ve had so many incredible experiences in the city. She’s always finding new places to explore. She’s thrown me two birthday parties on the roof, and it was my turn to give her a moment she’ll never forget. I also needed an outdoor spot because capturing this moment was very important to me.”

For the past two years, Josh and Lindy had been traversing all five boroughs to visit NYC’s 25 most iconic pizza places. Fast-forward 24 pizza restaurants later, they were only missing one. Given how central a role pizza has played in their lives, Josh knew pizza should be a central theme in his engagement proposal. He set up a trail of empty pizza boxes, each with a written memory from a time that he knew he loved her along with photos. The trail of pizza boxes took Lindy down memory lane, reliving unforgettable moments in their relationship. The last pizza box had a pizza from one of their favorite places and had “Will you marry me?” written on the box.

New York City Proposal Photography Josh-14

He purchased the stunning ring from Alain Jewelers.

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