Thompson Square Park Proposal Photography: Erik and Daniella

We captured one our the cutest Thompson Square Park proposal photography sessions with Erik and Daniella!

Erik invited her to take a stroll through the park, but she had no idea what he was carrying in his pocket.

Upon passing the beautiful blossoming pink flowers, Erik used it as the picture-perfect opportunity to drop down to one knee.

Our sneaky photographer was in on the surprise, and was discreetly hidden in order to capture every moment.

Thompson Square Park Proposal Photography

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Her reaction was everything Erik had been hoping for! And, of course, our photographer capture every moment.

After, he revealed himself and took the newly-engaged couple around the park for portraits and some close-up shots of the ring. It was a special way to celebrate this day neither Erik or Daniella will ever forget.

Thompson Square Park Proposal Photography Thompson Square Park Proposal PhotographyThompson Square Park Proposal Photography

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