Photo Surprise Proposal Photography: Ronnie’s Stone Mountain Proposal

Surprise Proposal Photography: Ronnie’s Stone Mountain Proposal

Ronnie and Tiffeny “swiped right” at just the right time!

The pair met via the popular dating app Tinder, which presents potential matches based on their geographic proximity to each other.  As fate would have it, Ronnie was at the Sacramento airport waiting to board his flight back home to Columbus, Georgia, when he matched with Sacramento local Tiffeny.

Mutually drawn to one another’s good looks, they sensed a deeper connection as they began to chat.  Before the plane took off, Tiffeny asked Ronnie to let her know when he and his sons had arrived home safely.  Even though his plane would be landing in the wee hours of the morning, she was willing to be woken up just to know they were alright.  He was pleasantly surprised by her kind and considerate request, especially since they had just met!

The couple shared with us more about how they fell for each other, and what went into planning their picturesque proposal!

How They Knew

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I knew he was the one for many reasons. The first, being connecting with each other during a very critical, and small window in time. The site we matched on allows you to set geographic perimeters for the people in your que. Connecting with Ronnie while he was at the airport, on his last day in California had to be fate.

Secondly, when Ronnie and I spoke, I told him that I didn’t think we could realistically pursue a romantic relationship, with the obvious distance between us, instead of agreeing with me, he asked me to give us a chance. I was impressed, he could have easily agreed with my sentiment, but his willingness to try reassured me that what we were going to grow was going to be beautiful.

Lastly during one our many phone calls/video chats he told me he wanted to know everything about me including my fears. That was it, the fact that he really wanted to know what was inside, proved he was invested, coupled with his smile, big heart, honesty, and fearlessness, I knew I had met the very man I prayed for.


I knew Tiffeny was the one during one of our many conversations about life and what we expected from our partner. To understand why this conversation was a pivotal moment, you must be privy to my personality enhancements (some people don’t feel that way, and they would be wrong).  So I believe I’m always right… sometimes. Once my mind is made up on a topic, that’s it. This is even more true when it involves how I raise my children. I want my children to respond with “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” to me and their future mother. In our conversation, instead of trying to change what I wanted to have the boys (I have two boys 6 and 7. She has one soon age 2) address me, she suggested that she establishes a relationship with my boys in her own way rather than a dictated one by me, and I do the same because I don’t want her dictating how I establish a relationship with her son. I was speechless because I had never thought of this situation from that perspective. I knew from that moment that I had woman that was willing to compromise with me. She would shed light on ways to negotiate obstacles in life that would make sense. And most importantly, I was not going to be right all the time, but she wouldn’t make me feel like being wrong meant I was wrong as a person.

The Marriage Proposal

Ronnie: I chose this place because I know Tiffeny enjoys fitness activities and hiking is high on that list. I knew Stone Mountain would be challenging, but wouldn’t take all day, and provide a beautiful back drop to a memorable occasion. I considered the Georgia aquarium, but James reassured me that  Stone Mountain was the right choice.

Paparazzi Proposals helped me finalize my proposal plans. I had a general idea of what i was going to say, and how I wanted things to happen, but it’s good to have a professional confirm your ideas, because you can second guess yourself a lot during this processes.

The Ring

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Ronnie: I purchased the ring from Shane Co  in Alpharetta, Georgia. My sales associate Tina took her time to find the perfect diamond. We spoke over the phone about this for over a month until I finally came in and closed the deal. The look on Tiffeny’s face when I proposed made it worth every penny.

I’m happy I decided to hire you guys to capture that moment. And I was fortunate to have seen you on Shark Tank to know who to call.

Witness Ronnie’s creative and thoughtful proposal in the couple’s full engagement slideshow.

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