Photo Surprise New York Proposal Photography: Oren and Fanny

Surprise New York Proposal Photography: Oren and Fanny

We had the pleasure of capturing Oren’s romantic proposal to Fanny in Central Park. He chose the beautiful Shakespeare Gardens, which served as the perfect backdrop to a day Fanny will never forget!

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This love story started in Paris, but fate brought them to New York City!

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Oren and Fanny met 6 years ago in Paris, France. Along with thousands of other french people, they watched the soccer world cup on a giant screen at Trocadero in front of the Eiffel Tower. They had friends in common, who introduced them to each other. This led to them coming back every day until the end of the tournament, hoping to see each other again. Fanny had an instinctive feeling when she saw his little face singing “La Marseillaise” (the anthem of France). Oren knew she was the one the week they met. They went to a bar at Trocadero with their mutual friends and a big guy tried getting a little too friendly with Fanny, so she punched him in the face.

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Midway into their relationship, Oren’s job relocated him to their NYC office, which was both an amazing career opportunity and his childhood dream. He was forced to have to ask Fanny if she was ready to leave her amazing job and her family and friends for an undetermined time to be with him. She didn’t hesitate.

“I knew that she was the one and I understood that the most important thing for both of us was to stay together.”

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“For the proposal, I was looking for a spot in Central Park and discovered the beautiful Shakespeare Garden, which was the perfect place. It’s quiet, stunning, calming and romantic, just like her, except she’s not quiet.”

Oren purchased this stunning engagement ring from James Allen.

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