Photo San Francisco- Surprise Engagement Photography – Oscar & Barbara’ Proposal

San Francisco- Surprise Engagement Photography – Oscar & Barbara’ Proposal

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the way to propose!

Oscar and Barbara met over 11 years ago at a party and dated for several years. As often happens in life, they were ultimately pulled in different directions and they eventually split. However, the underlying love they had for one another could not be denied. After some time an thinking, they realized they were meant for each other, reunited, and have been together ever since.

Knowing she was the one, Oscar began planning his big proposal with the help from the folks at Marry Me Proposals. He also arranged for Paparazzi Proposals to provide surprise engagement photography! When they flew in from Mexico for vacation in San Francisco, the plan was hatched.

As they took a romantic stroll one afternoon, they stumbled upon a picnic blanket complete with a basket of roses, chocolates and champagne. Barbara was delighted Oscar had made such  romantic gesture! Little did she know what would come next. As they sat and talked, Oscar began professing his undying love, knelt down and the rest is history. She was thrilled to find out there were pictures of every second of their entire afternoon with Paparazzi Proposals secret engagement photographer snapping pics the entire time! They now had real pictures from the actual moment they were engaged! With family and friends being so important to them, they now could share the moments before, during and after the proposal with all of them. Click to see these heartwarming pictures.

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