Photo Surprise Engagement Photography – Dallas Proposal – Michael & Cinnamon

Surprise Engagement Photography – Dallas Proposal – Michael & Cinnamon

Michael first met Cinnamon while playing together on their church’s softball team. It didn’t take long before he realized, that in meeting her, he had hit a home run!

They began dating soon after and it was an instant connection. They enjoyed so many of the same things and found they loved spending time together. She even got him into some of her favorite TV shows, The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Little did he know they would soon become the inspiration for his proposal!

When thinking about how to propose, Michael knew Cinnamon had just one request, that her parents be present soon after the proposal. So as he planned their special moment, he also enlisted the help of Paparazzi Proposals to provide some surprise engagement photography!

Intent on planning a great proposal that would be memorable to Cinnamon and her family, he came up with a few special surprises.  Unbeknownst to her, Michael arranged for a romantic dinner at the breathtaking Floreciendo Garden Estate. He also set up what would be her first limo ride to chauffeur her to the restaurant. While she was on her way, he shared lovely text messages with her stating  how much he cared for her and how much she meant to him.

Once Cinnamon arrived at the front of the estate, she was greeted by over 100 lit candles to further set the mood. To give that extra special touch, Michael’s friend played the part of  Chris Harrison, The Bachelor’s host, by escorting her from the limo to the base of the front steps.  This queued yet another friend to begin playing one of Cinnamon’s favorite songs on the guitar. As she was greeted by Michael halfway up the stairs, he read a love letter he had written her and dropped down to one knee. She said “yes” not once but several times as he slowly placed the ring on her finger!  The surprises were not done! As they now walked in the front doors, she was shocked to see Michael had arranged for 40 of their friends and family to join them! See all the photographs from their magical proposal and engagement party afterwards by clicking here.

Michael kept saying how thrilled he was to have Paparazzi Proposals there to photograph every second before, during and after his proposal. He was so nervous and caught up in making sure his plan went right, he felt as if he missed being in the moment. Having hundreds of pictures that captured the actual moment he proposed to Cinnamon allowed him to revisit, enjoy and appreciate all that happened .

The moment you get engaged is a once-in-a-lifetime event that can never be recreated or duplicated. By having surprise proposal and engagement photography, you can freeze the moment in time through amazing pictures to share with friends or family. They also make for a beautiful birthday, wedding or anniversary gift for your loved one.

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