Photo Surprise Engagement Photography – Arielle & Mike’s Proposal

Surprise Engagement Photography – Arielle & Mike’s Proposal

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how you surprise your soon to be fiancee with a perfect proposal!

As Mike led Arielle on a stroll towards the water in Hoboken, she notices an odd sight.  In the distance, was several balloons flowing in the breeze. As they got closer, she noticed rose petals covering the ground nearby. As they drew even closer, she saw there was a dozen roses propped up under the balloons. She still had NO idea what was about to happen!

As Mike slowly got down on his knee and began professing his love to her, she was shocked to see him pull out a ring and ask if she would spend the rest of their lives together. That wasn’t the only surprise! Mike had arranged for Paparazzi Proposals to have it all set up and provide surprise engagement photography. They positioned a discreet photographer in the distance to capture every second before, during and after this beautiful moment in their relationship. Once she said “yes,” our photographer popped out and spend the rest of the afternoon with them for an engaged couple portrait shoot! Click to check out all of the pictures from their amazing day.

Curious to find out how Paparazzi Proposals can help you plan, set up and secretly photograph your perfect proposal? Click to see how we make it happen! Not quite ready to propose? Call or Contact us here for a brain storming session of locations and ideas.  You can also take a peek at some of the other amazing proposals we have helped plan and photograph here.  Remember,  as America’s only national proposal planning and photography company we can help you pull off the perfect proposal ANYWHERE in the U.S.!

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