Photo St. Louis Proposal Photography: Scott and Alexa

St. Louis Proposal Photography: Scott and Alexa

Paving the way for St. Louis proposal photography, we helped Scott surprise his girlfriend, Alexa, with a romantic proposal. çHe arranged for a romantic picnic setup to be laid out by the water at Forest Park. 

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Alexis and Scott were high school sweet hearts.

“We met when I was a junior and she was a sophomore (16 and 15 years old). We were initially just friends, but after about a 1 ½ – 2 years, we began dating. We haven’t looked back ever since!”

Though Scott was initially attracted to Alexis’ beauty, after growing with her over the past 6+ years, her intelligence and motivation for anything she sets her mind to is what he came to find most attractive about her.

Alexa was drawn to Scott’s laughter, happiness, and endless positivity.

“Luckily for me, not a thing has changed over 6 years. Not to mention his dashingly good looks, he is really the man of my dreams.”

Scott knew Alexa was the one when he first asked her to be his girlfriend.

“I know it sounds cliché and cheesy, but despite having our ups and downs throughout the relationship, as every couple does, I could’ve never imagined my life without her.”

St Louis Marriage Proposal Scott - 16

Alexis knew he was the one after their first homecoming dance.

“He asked me as friends, but we could both feel that there was so much more. It was a night that holds such a special place in my heart, because it was truly the beginning. Not to mention over the years, every trial and tribulation has reinforced my love and wanting to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Scott chose St. Louis for his proposal because it is a city that he love and filled  with beauty and many hidden gems.

“When I was trying to think of where I wanted to propose, I knew I wanted to do it in St. Louis. The problem was narrowing it down to a specific location. I chose the Pagoda Circle and Nathan Frank Bandstand in Forest Park after much thought. I thought it would be the perfect backdrop, in a somewhat secluded area.”

St Louis Marriage Proposal Scott - 8St Louis Marriage Proposal Scott - 10
St Louis Marriage Proposal Scott - 2St Louis Marriage Proposal Scott - 21

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