Photo Should You Propose With a Ring or Buy it Later?

Should You Propose With a Ring or Buy it Later?

The Act of marriage has a long held and sacred tradition in annuals of human history. If you choose to follow this well-worn path, it may be the most important thing that you do in your life. A vital precursor to marriage is the marriage proposal.

There are countless methods and venues to pop this important question. As there are many romantic and beautiful cases of successful marriage proposals, there are also many cases of botched and bumbled marriage proposal failures. An important question to ask yourself is if you should propose with a ring or buy it later. People have differing viewpoints on each side of this question, with multitudes of reasons for and against.

This article will cover these differing viewpoints.

Reasons For Proposing With a Ring

It shows that you are truly committed to the marriage; this adds weight to the saying “actions speak louder than words”. Your significant other could easily brush off a ring-less marriage proposal as an empty gesture. Including a ring shows that you are willing to make the financial sacrifice to make the marriage work.

It gives your potential fiancée a sense of financial security.

There are many reasons for getting married, such as spiritually sanctioning your relationship, the desire to have children, and social tradition. While becoming less common in the modern world in which job wages are equaling out between the genders, financial security cannot be understated as a reason for marriage. Proposing with a ring is a symbolic gesture of financial security. It demonstrates your artistic side, showing the degree of thought you put into choosing a ring. In your search for the perfect ring, it pays to learn about suitable ring designs for marriage proposals.
You should take into such factors as your personal budget, your significant others aesthetic interests, and a ring that would be meaningful to both of you.

It enhances the romantic experience of the proposal.

While there are many different ways to pop the big question, there are elements that are fairly consistent in this ritual, including getting down on one knee, doing it at meaningful locations, and proposing with a ring. When your significant other sees the glistening ring while you ask, “Will you marry me”, she will certainly have a memorable image to hold on to for many years to come.

Reasons for Buying a Ring Later.

It is a non-essential financial burden; many young couples have very limited financial resources. The money could be better spent on the wedding itself or other pressing financial obligations. A couple may want to concentrate more on a personal level of commitment. For many people, the materialist elements of life are not very important. Pure elements of love, such as natural emotions and personal values, may carry greater weight. Also, having the engagement pass the test of time without the symbolic financial security of a ring may be a truer sign of commitment. Your prospective fiancée may not like to wear jewelry, while traditionally it was always the man who proposed to the woman, there are an increasing number of cases in today’s modern world in which the opposite takes place. Oftentimes a man does not like to wear an engagement ring. You are unsure of your lover’s tastes in jewelry, if you hold off on buying the ring until after the proposal, can allow her to choose her own ring design. Also, maybe you or your lover want to design and purchase a customized ring that can’t be found at a traditional jeweler.