Photo Shann & Shreya Omni Hotel Proposal in Atlanta

Shann & Shreya Omni Hotel Proposal in Atlanta

The view wasn’t the only thing that was breathtaking!

Shann brought Shreya to the stunning Omni Hotel in Atlanta for a romantic evening together. “Come out on the balcony,” he said. “Check out the skyline,” he said. “Marry me,” he said!

As soon as she recovered from the shock, Shreya declared, “YES!” It all happened so fast she did not see it coming! Imagine if they had candid photographs of this amazing moment in their relationship to share and relive it with family and friends? Well, thanks to Paparazzi Proposals, they do! With their backs turned, our sneaky snapper was able to secretly capture the actual moment Shann dropped to his knee and asked Shreya to marry him. Click here to take a peek at the moment she said yes. By the look of her smile, it’s safe to say she was not only pleasantly surprised, but loved the ring as well!

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