Photo Seattle Marriage Proposal | Paul & Gagan

Seattle Marriage Proposal | Paul & Gagan

Talk about a whirlwind romance!

The only thing more exiting than their love story? Paul’s romantic and creative proposal in Seattle! But before we get to that, let’s hear them tell the story of they met and fell in love…

Paul and Gagan were first introduced in January of this year. While they both admit their first meeting was a bit awkward, it wouldn’t be long before they both realized they had found the one! A few days after their first meeting, they agreed to see eachother again to give it a another shot.  When describing this second encounter at Starbucks, Paul shared, “it started a roller coaster ride of events and adventures that hasn’t slowed down yet!”

During that date, Paul cracked a joke in which Gagan responded with a whole-hearted laugh and an even bigger smile. It instantly filled him with immense happiness. He admits to never wanting to take his eyes off of her from that moment on. He was so excited to share even more laughter and good times with her. Meanwhile, Gagan was taken aback by how humble and considerate he was. She also shared that it didn’t hurt that he had a cute dimpled smile and hypnotic eyes. She too did not want to look away!

From that point on the two spent countless hours talking on the phone like two young teenagers in love. They bounced from topic to topic with ease, and as they learned about one another they only hungered for even more. The more they learned about each-other, the more they were interested. Their next date was carefully planned out by Paul. He sent a few different menus, not to tip his hat at where they would be dining. However, he had already found the perfect restaurant and kept it secret until they arrived. While she loved the restaurant, she loved the thought and effort he put into the date even more. This was a sign of things to come, especially as it relates to his awesome surprise proposal!

If you think he put a lot into their first official date together, check out his amazing proposal. He chose the Harbor Steps in Seattle. As he puts it, “I feel in a relationship, couples need to take steps towards one another, and towards their future together. This scenic place in Seattle was a representation for me to take those steps together with her. It was a promise to her, that whether we take steps forwards or backwards, up or down, I will always hold her hand and be by her side.” We couldn’t have said it any better! He brought Gagan to a quaint table right beneath the steps. He had secretly arranged for his nephew to leave a covered blackboard and stand on the ground next to the table prior to their arrival. As they sat, chatted and shared some delectable chocolates from Frans, Paul pointed out the weird package next to them. As Gagan protested, telling him not to mess with someone else’s stuff, Paul set up the stand to prop up the wrapped blackboard.  He slowly unwrapped it, and as she read the words he had written he made his big move…

Before she could finish reading, he had pulled a stunning engagement ring from Robbins Brothers, which he carefully selected feeling it represented her beauty and elegance. Confused by the last sentence she turned to him and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Once the shock wore off, she said “YES” and filled in that last line on the blackboard…

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