Photo Seattle Engagement Proposal Photography: Chris and Kayla

Seattle Engagement Proposal Photography: Chris and Kayla

One of our favorite Seattle engagement proposal photography sessions was with Chris and Kayla by the waterfront of the Seattle Big wheel. 

The plan was simple. Chris invited Kayla for a romantic walk by the water to enjoy the amazing skyline, however, he had much more planned.

Our sneaky photographer was waiting for their arrival, in order to capture the big-kneeling moment he had planned.

After all the excitement, they shared with us how they met and fell in love.

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Photo Seattle Engagement Proposal Photography: Chris and Kayla

How and when did you guys meet?

I have to mention how we actually got the opportunity to meet so I’ll start with that.

We met a little over 6 years ago on August 22, 2012. I was on a guys trip that we started in Nevada and carried through California as we were making our way to San Francisco. The day we were suppose to make it to SF we kind of took our time and it ended up being a lot of driving for the day and still had 4 or more hours to drive. So the group decided to look for a town to spend the night. San Luis Obispo was pointed out to be a college town and may be a fun place to stop.

After some some friendly arguing it was put on the driver, myself, on what we should do. I hollered San Luis Obispo!

After an adventurous few stops to try and find accommodations we found a place that could accommodate the 5 guys. As I waited for the guys to get ready I read a friendly hotel provided magazine about the area. In my findings I read about, Black Sheep, a local pub voted best in town! Thought nothing of it at the time but as we walked aimlessly into downtown SLO I noticed this glowing sign and recalled, hey that placed got voted best bar, let’s check it out.

Now only four of us at this moment we are enjoying American hospitality at the house of the heavy pour and decided to encourage the guys to talk to people. Considering it was a college town and people relocate to do attend, there was a wager put out there that we pick a table and vote on the people at the table and whoever guesses closest state wins the friendly wage of a dollar. I notice this girl that carried herself in a manner that I happen to appreciate, showing confidence and obviously very attractive and So I pointed out “What about that table…?”

This is where Kayla and her friends were sitting and one of her friends happens to notice and states to her. “Hey, I think those guys are talking about you!”

To that queued my first encounter of the Kayla I know and love. She isn’t going to let that just happen and comes over and asks us if there is something interesting that we are talking about? Considering she didn’t like my guess of Nebraska of where she was from, let’s just say she wasn’t necessarily to happy with me right off the start. By the end of the evening I somehow get her number considering she didn’t think I was going to contact her, her living in SLO and I in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Taking to the challenge of her not thinking I’d contact her, I texted her immediately and we ended up speaking every day after. After a few months of me trying to convince her that planes are just taxis, she finally agreed to a first date. After giving a list of 3 cities, Kayla Selected Seattle and we made it happen. So our First, First date was in Seattle on Oct.19,2012.)

Photo Seattle Engagement Proposal Photography: Chris and Kayla

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?

Well, admittedly I have to say I found her very attractive just the way she carried herself from afar, a energy and presence in a room. From the first moment I met her, I just enjoyed her personality. I can still recall the first night we met saying to my buddy “If I had a daughter one day, I’d want her to be like her. She can handle herself” a beautiful woman and fun personality, what more could I want?!

When did you know that they were the one?

Well, this is an interesting one for me. I can honestly say on our first date weekend in Seattle, we traveled over to Alki Island for a little day trip. It was on our Ferry ride back to Downtown Seattle we sat in a comfortable silence and I was in love. From that moment on I knew there was something very special I had in front of me, even though we were over 2700kms (1700 miles apart).

Why did you choose to propose where you did?

Seattle was our first date and it just happens to work out 6 years to the day of our first-first date landed on a Friday again, It was just perfect timing.

Did anyone help you plan the proposal?

I took it upon myself to plan it but wanted to make it feel like it wasn’t my idea to be there, attempting for an element of surprise. Us still living in separate cities, we’ve been doing the commute every 2-3 weeks to her home town or mine, I encouraged us to have a trip during that time and as Soon as Kayla said it was a good idea to go back to Seattle. I booked accordingly.

Where did you purchase the ring?

I had very specific requirements for the stone I was looking for. After looking a number of different places,I purchased it from a Family run jeweler in Edmonton, Kings Fine Jewelry. I felt very comfortable and that their true interest was my needs and wants. They also had a close working relationship with a Canadian Diamond mine and felt that was another plus to have a Canadian diamond.

Photo Seattle Engagement Proposal Photography: Chris and Kayla Photo Seattle Engagement Proposal Photography: Chris and Kayla

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