Santa Monica Engagement Proposal Photographer: Eric and Mac

Eric wanted to surprise Mac with the moment of a lifetime in Santa Monica. 

Inviting her to dinner, they took a scenic stroll across the boardwalk first.

With beautiful ocean views, it would serve as the picture-perfect backdrop for the big kneeling moment.

When she least expected, he got down on one knee and surprised her with a diamond ring.

Our Santa Monica engagement proposal photographer was discreetly hidden, capturing every moment.

As if the newly-engaged couple could not be any more romantic, they shared with us their love story below.

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How and when did you guys meet?

“We met by a wonderful coincidence – Mak had a bad date, and asked her co-worker/my best friend if he was out still – so she walked into the dive bar we were at, and I was kind of mesmerized by her from that moment onward.” -Eric

What was the first thing that attracted you to one another?
“Her eyes… and everything else.” -Eric
“His teeth.” -Mak

When did you know that they were the one?
It’s hard to pinpoint a moment, but I guess when I met her… I just couldnt’ get enough of her.
“I dont know … it just happened.” -Mak

Why did you choose to propose where you did?
“I was trying to think of our special places – and the beach has always been special for us. So Santa Monica overlooking the sunset and beach and ocean just made sense.” -Eric

Did anyone help you plan the proposal?
“I think Mak’s best friends were my bouncing boards – but I did it mostly myself.” -Eric

Where did you purchase the ring?
“My Mom’s friend from high school has been in the diamond business for a long time – he was my guy from the first moment to the last.” -Eric

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