Santa Monica Engagement Photography: Matthew’s Beach Proposal

Matthew reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to capture his Santa Monica engagement photography session at a beautiful beach on a summer day.
After the big kneeling moment and all the excitement, the newly-engaged couple shared with us their love story!

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Matt: “We met during a class we had together in college. I had a crush on her since the first day.”
Taylor: “He complimented me for getting my hair dyed in one of the classes we had together. I spent an entire weekend speculating with my friends and family what that meant. From then on, we hit it off immediately and I knew that I had found something real.”
Matt: “I liked her voice and her confidence.”
Taylor: “I liked his red hair! I also liked how easy it was to start a conversation with him.”
Matt: “I knew from the moment I met her!”
Taylor: “This is cheesy, but there is a John Green quote that says, “I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly, and then all at once.”
Matt: “I don’t think there was one specific moment I knew, I just always knew he was the one. Beaches have always been special to us since the start of our relationship— from summers on Cape Cod, to our very first vacation in Hampton beach, and many trips since to the beaches of North Carolina, Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico.”

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