Photo San Francisco Surprise Engagement Photography

San Francisco Surprise Engagement Photography

Donald and Summer took a romantic trip to San Francisco and were having fun experiencing the city together for the first time. 

Donald suggested they go on a walk near the bay, and when he got to Crissy Field, he dropped to one knee and presented her with a stunning Howard Engle ring.

She could barely contain her excitement as she exclaimed, “Yes!”

Behind their romantic proposal is a truly sweet modern love story!

How They Met:

San Francisco Surprise Engagement Photography Donald - 16

Donald opted for the Picturesque Park Proposal Package so that after he proposed, they could enjoy the view and share a toast!

Donald was about to stop online dating for good; growing tired of the same worn-out small talk passed through the screen.

Where are you from? What do you do?

Summer had caught his attention in February of 2015, but he often took a long time to respond to her messages because he had already decided that the internet dating scene wasn’t quite for him.

So when Summer suggested they meet up the following Wednesday, he was happily surprised.

The day they agreed to meet in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, a rare snowstorm was expected to touch down.  Summer, a Florida native, was nervous to drive in the snow.

Sensing her anticipation over a phone call to confirm their plans, Donald, a seasoned four-wheel-driver, offered to meet her at a restaurant nearby her house and end the date as soon as the snow began to fall.

“I felt so at ease talking with him and was anxious to meet the man who seemed so aloof in our past conversations,” said Summer.  “The moment I walked into the restaurant, he stood up to greet me and I knew there was something different about him.”

She was drawn in by his dark hair and his eyes, and charmed by his incredible manners and gorgeous smile.  She loved that he made her feel like a lady.

He immediately fell for her smile and the way she walked.

“It made my heart drop, and still does,” he gushed.

They had an incredible date, with conversation flowing easily between them.  Summer was impressed by how he immediately started asking her important questions— about her family, her life in North Carolina and what her ‘deal breakers’ were.

Donald was totally entranced, and didn’t want the date to end, but noticed the snow beginning to fall outside.

“He said, ‘Ok, I don’t want to scare you, but it’s snowing outside. Go ahead and go and I’ll take care of everything,’” Summer recalled.

“I told her not to worry, we would do a real date.  I just wanted her to get home safe so I could see her again,” Donald added.

How They Knew

Donald had two definitive moments where he knew Summer was The One.  The first was when he was sick and she took care of him, and he realized she loved him even when he wasn’t invincible. 

The second was when he saw her around her family, especially her nephew.  Her caring nature and her way with children made him realize he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Summer said she usually has a four-night-a-week maximum rule for spending time with people she dates.  But she couldn’t stick to her guidelines when she started dating Donald.  On their third date, she already knew that he was the one— and each moment they spent together since only confirmed her initial beliefs.

The Proposal

San Francisco Surprise Engagement Photography Donald - 19

Summer’s late father’s cufflinks and money clip, and her new engagement ring.

Donald’s proposal was as romantic as it was thoughtful.  He reached out to Summer’s mother to have her send her late father’s cufflinks and money clip, which he wore the day of to symbolize his presence when he asked Summer for her hand.

He also reached out to her best friend, Amanda, to brainstorm ideas that would make the day extra special.  He opted for a picturesque picnic proposal with a view, and reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to make sure their whole proposal was discreetly captured for them to remember for years to come!

After she said yes, the pair posed for some incredible portrait photos and popped a bottle of champagne to share a toast.  See their full photo slideshow, here.

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