San Francisco Engagement Photographer: Joe & Aalia

Our sneaky San Francisco engagement photographer secretly captured Joes surprise engagement proposal to Aalia this past weekend. 
He invited her on a romantic stroll and used it as the picture-perfect moment to get down on one knee. We were further excited to speak with Aalia and see how they met and, inevitably, fell in love.

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“We met in law school in 2011. We were one of a handful of Californians who moved across the country to attend our law school in Atlanta, Georgia. The first time we met was at a law school BBQ co-hosted by the Asian-American Law Student Association and the South Asian-American Law Student Association. Joe is half Chinese-American and Aalia is Pakistani-American. 
We come from very different backgrounds but share a lot of the same values and that’s what first drew us to one another. After law school, we both went our separate ways. Aalia moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area, and Joe moved back to Los Angeles. We spent several years apart. 
Joe always knew we would end up together. Aalia needed a little more time. 
One day in 2017, Joe booked a flight to San Francisco on a whim and asked Aalia to have a cup of coffee. They hadn’t seen each other in years … but it felt like no time had passed. It wasn’t long after that when Joe met Aalia’s parents and asked for her hand, as is the custom in Pakistani culture. 
The first thing that attracted me to Joe was how polite and sweet he always was.” 
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