Photo San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Proposal Photography – Morten & Sanela

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Proposal Photography – Morten & Sanela

Fans of the West Coast, Morten and Sanela were sure to include San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge as one of the spots they would visit while here on vacation from Denmark.

Knowing her lucky number was eight, Morten chose the 8th of the month to arrange for a chauffeured Bentley ride to a private breathtaking spot right along side the iconic bridge. Once they were there, he dropped to a knee and popped the big question!

Theirs is a true modern romance. “We actually met each other on Tinder,” shared Morton.  Their love would eventually cross many borders.  Since their first date in Copenhagen, they have had many adventures together, including trips to Dubai, London and the U.S. Both very found of America, he knew it would be the perfect place to propose. He also knew he wanted to have a proposal photography company there to catch it all!

With a stunning view of the bridge and city of San Francisco behind them, Paparazzi Proposals was able to snap some incredible shots of the actual moment they were engaged. You can see the full gallery of photographs from their amazing picturesque proposal here.

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