Photo San Diego Proposal Photography: Nick’s Sunset Beach Proposal

San Diego Proposal Photography: Nick’s Sunset Beach Proposal

Nick loves football and had never seen an NFL football game, so he booked two tickets and a flight to San Diego, realizing that it would be the perfect opportunity for him to make Hadlei his fiancée!

How They Met

San Diego Surprise Engagement Photography Nick - 17


Hadlei was a manager at the supplement store at their local gym. Nick noticed her after returning from a church mission in Argentina, and immediately took to Instagram to ‘thoroughly stalk’ her social media, he admitted.

Under the guise of trying to decide on supplements, he contacted her to schedule meeting up at the gym to try some product samples.

The connection was instant, and mutual!

After a brief chat, Hadlei asked him for his phone and saved her number. She suggested they do something soon, and Nick happily agreed!

Nick was instantly attracted to Hadlei’s smile, and drawn in by how she wanted to be part of his life. She was attracted to his smile and build, and immediately impressed by how respectful and gentlemanly he was.

How They Knew

Hadlei insists that she knew from the very beginning that Nick was The One. Her decision to give him her number was the start of something she already knew would be incredible.

When the pair first started dating, Nick was in the middle of preparing for a bodybuilding competition and was impressed with how supportive Hadlei was— which is when he had the first inclination that they shared something special.

“She was always there helping me cook my food and keeping me company,” he gushed. “We got to know each other really well, and day after day, I was more attracted to her!”

A month or two after they started dating, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. They spent much of their time together, and their time apart they spent texting.

“My heart felt different with her!” Nick said, and that is when he knew for certain that he had found The One.


The Proposal

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Nick knew Hadlei wanted a ring that was unique, so he worked with a family friend at a private diamond dealer to design the ring from scratch, inspired by antique designs. They kept it a secret and were able to complete it in just a few weeks, right in time for the big moment!

He set about the grand plan. After he had booked the plane tickets, he reached out to his friend, a business travel agency owner, to get a room at the fully booked Loews Coronado Bay Resort. He consulted Hadlei’s friends and her mom to plan a getaway that would be meaningful and special to her. Then, he coordinated with Paparazzi Proposals to determine the perfect plan for popping the question!

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