Photo San Diego Marriage Proposal – Chad and Sandra’s Presidio Park Proposal

San Diego Marriage Proposal – Chad and Sandra’s Presidio Park Proposal

Last week, Chad and Sandra went for a romantic stroll in Old Town San Diego’s Presidio Park.

They came across a blanket laid out on the ground.  Mariachi approached them and began to play.  That’s when Chad dropped to one knee, and presented Sandra with a sparkling engagement ring from Robbins Brothers!

After she said yes, the two embraced and kissed before sharing a dance to the music of the Mariachi.  Our photographer captured every beautiful, genuine moment, so now the couple can commemorate their beautiful engagement with gorgeous photos.

But as we know, every silver-screen worthy ending starts somewhere!  We spoke to Chad and Sandra to see where their love story started.

In the summer of 2005, while hundreds of moviegoers were having their own romantic date nights at the AMC movie theaters in Ontario, CA, two of the cinema’s employees were falling in love.

Sandra was training new hires at the theater, and Chad had just gotten a job there.  When he came in for his first day of training, he was struck by Sandra’s stunning beauty.  Chad knew Sandra was one of a kind, and was awed by her bubbly demeanor and winning smile.

Chad stood out to Sandra because of his outgoing personality.  He spoke his mind and was able to make her laugh instantly.  The two were immediately attracted to each other, but kept a working relationship.

When Chad found out that Sandra would soon be transferred away from his location to Fullerton to manage a theater there, he was devastated. The job that brought them together threatened to separate them for good, and he hadn’t let her know how he felt before she left.  He knew at that moment that she was the one, and vowed that if he ever saw her again he would try his best to convince her to go out on a date with him.

When Sandra came back to work in Ontario for a short time, he got his chance.  He asked her out on a picnic date, and she accepted.  Finally getting the chance to impress Sandra, Chad was nervous—but was able to make the experience beautiful and memorable.

“I knew instantly that he was different from any other guy I had met,” said Sandra.  “He put so much effort and detail into that date; from taking my favorite dessert (keeping coffee ice cream frozen in June is no easy feat!) to finding a beautiful scenic view!” she gushed.

That first date let Sandra know that she had met someone special, and the two continued to build a beautiful romance and friendship over the next 9 years.

San Diego was the place where they shared their first weekend getaway together, as well as where they celebrated their one-year anniversary, so when the time was right for Chad to pop the question, he knew that he wanted the magic moment to be there.

First, he shopped for Sandra’s stunning ring at Robbins Brothers.  The popular jeweler recommended Paparazzi Proposals’ services to help Chad plan and coordinate the perfect proposal moment.

After consulting with our team, Chad settled on the quiet, private spot in the park as the location for his marriage proposal, and wowed Sandra once more with an outdoor proposal reminiscent of their very first date.

View all of the photos from their romantic engagement, here.

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