Photo San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and Aakruti

San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and Aakruti

One of our favorite San Diego engagement proposals was Ojas and Aakruti’s with all of their family and friends.

Ojas took her .on a romantic stroll on the beach, but she had no idea what was to come! With a beautiful view of the ocean and pier, he got down on one knee. After, their family and friends came out to celebrate the big moment with them. We also got a chance to hear how they met and fell in love, and we fell in love with their love story!

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Photo San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and Aakruti

How and when did you meet?

“We were introduced to each other on an Indian matrimony site. Ojas liked my profile and reached out to get to know me. The first time I spoke to him was when he FaceTimed me. I had just returned from working a 12 hour shift and I looked a mess. I’m not sure what made him decide to keep contacting me afterwards. We chatted every night though. By the first month we wanted to meet face to face but he was in Texas and I was in New York. We tried to meet up sometime in November but I had to work the weekend he flew over. We missed the opportunity. After two months of video chatting and a couple of hit and misses I made the decision to fly to Austin. We had our first date on the 12th of December.”

What was the first thing that attracted you to the other?

“Looking back I don’t think it was just one thing that impressed me. He was a good listener and honest. He always asked me my opinion on things. The most important thing though was that he was committed. Even when I lost my temper or seemed too quiet, he’d always worked his way into my heart and helped me express myself.”

When did you know that they were the one?

“There wasn’t an actual date. With everyday we spent together we felt closer to the other. The long distance relationship also made us value our time together even more. So we cherished each moment. We talked about everything and sometimes nothing at all, but we were comfortable in each other’s silence. One day I just spilled out I was going out with him and then the next moment I wanted him to meet my family. It all spiraled out from there. My love for him just grew more.”

Why did you decide to propose when you did?

“It was just the right time. We started out talking about our future plans. Somewhere along the way “I” changed into “we”. My plans became our plans. Apparently he was planning to propose to me since my brother’s wedding back in July. The actual proposal was a total surprise for me.”

Did anyone help you plan the proposal?

“Our families helped in planning the proposal. My mom and sister-in-law made sure I packed everything for the day. They even convinced me to pamper myself and get my nails done. In hind sight I knew something was up. My brother and Ojas’ cousin helped to set up the the stage in a way. They bought the props like a fluffy blanket, chocolates and a bouquet of red roses. He proposed to me at Ocean Beach.”

Where did you purchase the ring?

“He bought the ring from a local merchant Diamond Direct in Austin. They helped him out of the way to find perfect 1.18 carat diamond ring for me. The number is special to us. It’s the day he first asked me to be his girlfriend, January 2018.”

Photo San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and AakrutiPhoto San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and AakrutiPhoto San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and AakrutiPhoto San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and AakrutiPhoto San Diego Engagement Proposals: Ojas and Aakruti