Photo San Antonio Love Stories: Andres and Devan

San Antonio Love Stories: Andres and Devan

We love romantic San Antonio love stories.

We had the chance to be a part of Andres’ engagement proposal to Devan, and it was truly a special occasion.

The day was picture-perfect wit bright skies and shiny waters. They were walking along the riverwalk enjoying the day. Devan had no idea what Andres had planned.

When she least expected, he got down on one knee. We captured every moment – and got to hear about how they met and fell in love.

Museum Reach Riverwalk Proposal

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Devan and I met in 2011 during freshman year of college at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. A mutual friend, Victoria, introduced us. Victoria and I were both majoring in psychology, and she and Devan played volleyball for the university. We knew very little of each other during the fall, but it wasn’t until the spring semester that we would start to get to know one another. We ended up going out dancing with a group of friends and the 2 of us ended up staying up the rest of the night watching Runaway Bride because Devan insisted that I see it because it’s “an American classic”. The next few days we continued to hang out with different groups of friends until I finally asked Victoria for Devan’s number and the rest is history! – Andres

San Antonio Love StoriesWhat first attracted me to Andres was his height! It can be hard to find someone over 6ft! He was seriously a breath of fresh air. He was from a big city- Houston and I from a small town- Hondo. He played soccer (I had never even seen a soccer game before I got to college- again small town). He was always showing me something new- soccer, music, food, travel, The Office! He introduced me to sushi on our first date (I had NEVER had sushi before so to me he was taking a big risk) it totally worked in his favor because I loved it and we still visit that little sushi place today when we are in town! -Devan

I knew Andres was the one after about 4 years of dating. We had gone through college, study abroad, long distance post college, and I never could picture myself without him. He has always encouraged my goofy dancing and car karaoke and doesn’t get mad when I get a little too much “backseat driver”. He lets me recite all the lines to movies and still laughs at the sameimpressions. -Devan

San Antonio Love Stories

San Antonio Love StoriesPhoto San Antonio Love Stories: Andres and DevanPhoto San Antonio Love Stories: Andres and DevanPhoto San Antonio Love Stories: Andres and Devan