Sacramento Engagement Proposals: Roger and Lori

 One of our most romantic Sacramento engagement proposals was this past week with Roger and Lori!

He invited her to the Rose Gardens, but she had no idea what he had planned. 
Our sneaky photographer was waiting for them, ready to capture the big kneeling moment.
Rob shared with us their romantic love story, from meeting to getting engaged!

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“We met five years ago on  Our first date was on June 13, 2014 and went so well that I called her the next day and we had our second date that night. I was running late for the first date, and Lori was starting to suspect I stood her up.  Then, the restaurant we were supposed to meet at had an event and was too crowded to get in.  We overcame those challenges and didn’t want the night to end!I was blown away by how beautiful she looked.  After we got to talking, her sense of humor and caring personality sealed the deal for me!”

“I knew she was the one on the second date.  No question.  We got along so well that first night, I couldn’t wait to see her again.  I never told her, but after that second date, I closed my account – she was the one!

I proposed in the rose gardens at the California State Capitol.  I selected this location because of it’s beauty.  While it didn’t hold any historical significance in our relationship, it was the perfect setting to capture this special day for us.

Our Paparazzi Proposal photographer was a huge help in the planning.  He mapped the route through the park, and kept me posted via text.  There was a group taking photos where I wanted to propose, and he surreptitiously cleared them out as we approached – it was a total surprise to Lori.

I purchased the ring at Shane Company in Roseville, CA.  I found the perfect setting that fit Lori’s personality and the staff there were super easy to work with in selecting the diamond.”

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