Photo Romantic New York Engagement Proposals: Jeffrey and Laura

Romantic New York Engagement Proposals: Jeffrey and Laura

Jeffrey surprised his girlfriend, Laura, with an engagement proposal outside a restaurant in New York City that holds a lot of sentimental value. Though, this was only the beginning of the surprise, but before we continue, let’s start from the beginning.

Jeffrey - 18

Jeffrey and Laura first met in January 2012, at the Hofstra Law Book Store. Laura was going into her final semester, and Jeffrey was going into the second semester of his first year. They just happened to both be buying books for the upcoming semester and were introduced by a mutual friend. Coincidently enough, after parting ways at the book store, they ran into each other again immediately after at the library. They sat at a table together, just the two of them, and struck up a conversation.


A week after meeting, Laura had a party at her apartment, and their mutual friend brought Jeffrey. They flirted throughout the night and when it came time to say goodbye, they kissed at her front door. It was their first kiss and a kiss both say they will never forget. Laura thought that Jeffrey was smart, hilarious, attractive and quickly came to learn that he was an amazing friend and family man. Jeffrey fell love with her on their first trip to Florida to visit her family. “She was so at home and herself, and I fell in love with her and her family and I knew that I could spend forever with her.”

Unfortunately, a year later, Jeffrey and Laura experienced a brief break apart.

“I remember having dinner with my moms and talking to them about Laura. They were obviously trying to be impartial (even though later on I found out that they and the rest of my family was devastated about the breakup and were madly in love with Laura, rooting for us to get back together) and let me figure it out by myself, and my mom asked me if I could picture my life without her. I took a moment and thought about going forward without her and I realized she was the only person I wanted to share the rest of my life with and that night, I asked her to grab dinner at our favorite restaurant in Manhattan and the rest was history.”

And it was at that very same restaurant that Jeffrey got down on one knee and surprise Laura with a beautiful, handmade Danhov engagement ring from Greenwich St. Jewelers.  “It was the same place my older brother purchased his ring for his wife. He suggested them, and they were so incredible throughout the entire process.”

After all the excitement, Laura thought they were grabbing just one last drink. Instead, Jeffrey surprised her with all of her family (who flew in from Florida) and his family for dinner to celebrate. But to keep the celebration going, Jeffrey had a third surprise: a party with all of their closest friends.

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