Photo Romantic LGBT Engagement Proposals

Romantic LGBT Engagement Proposals

Paparazzi Proposals is all about breaking norms and empowering everyone to be with the person they love. Thus, we’re sharing our favorite LGBT engagement proposals. 

In the spirit of being true to who you are, we’ve rounded up some of our most recent LGBT couples, who’s engagements we’ve had the pleasure of capturing nationwide. Because after photographing over 3,000 engagement proposals, the one thing we have learned is that love really is love. And shouldn’t everyone have the right to have these moments of pure love captured to last forever? Our fantastic couples couldn’t agree more.

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1. Stacy & Vanesse

Stacy invited her girlfriend, Vanesse, on a romantic walk in San Francisco, but had a special surprise awaiting her- an engagement proposal! Click here to view all the photos from their proposal.


2. Meghan and Hendrien

Another of our favorite LGBT proposals this month was at one of our favorite proposal locations in New York, Central Park! Meghan was originally hesitant as to where to propose to Hendrien. At first she was set to do it while in the snow during the winter, however, then settled on fall. She says, “I wanted snow at first, to be in Switzerland eating cheese but then settled on the fall…the colors of autumn reminded me of her abundance of hats, scarves, jewelry and cosmetics, and I knew this was the right choice.” We couldn’t have agreed with Meghan more and were thrilled to capture her engagement at the iconic Bow Bridge. Hendrien wasn’t the only one who got emotional. We were all in need of tissues. Check out their story unravel here!

3. Katie and Rachel

On their first official date, Rachel and Katie walked around Philadelphia and stumbled across these beautiful secluded gardens, located right around Independence Hall. They sat on a bench for hours taking in the perfect weather & scenery. “I had no idea that this place even had a name until about a year later when I saw pictures of it online,” Rachel says. “It took me a few minutes but I immediately recognized the setting…and came to find out it was a historical site called The 18th Century Gardens. I chose to propose on the first of the month… where we had our first date- as it is symbolic of many more ‘firsts’ to come as we journey into this next step of our lives together.” Katie planned an adventurous scavenger hunt for Rachel prior to proposing, and you can embark on it with her, here!

4. Michelle and Brittany

Michelle invited Brittany to take a tour of the Sky Needle in Seattle. While passing a fountain nearby, Michelle used the picture-perfect opportunity to get down on one knee and ask Brittany to marry her! Our photographer was discreetly hidden and prepared to capture all the action.

Michelle - 6-XL

5. Brenton and Ian

Brenton wanted to bring Rome to his boyfriend Ian, and thats why he chose to propose among the columns at the pavilion in New Orleans City Park. View Ian’s complete reaction and their picturesque engagement portrait session, here!

Brenton - 11-XL

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