Photo Romantic Boston Engagement Proposals: Javier and Catalina

Romantic Boston Engagement Proposals: Javier and Catalina

The Boston Public Gardens is the picture-perfect place to propose. We helped Javier surprise his girlfriend, Catalina, with an engagement proposal during a romantic stroll!

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Javier and Catalina met on October 27th, 2012 at a Halloween party in Miami. He was dressed up as Ironman, and she was “supposed to” be dressed up as a pirate. Until this day, she has his number saved in her cellphone as “Javi Ironman,” but added kiss emoticons once they started dating.

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From their first few conversations, Javier felt like he already knew her. She was sweet and genuine, and when discovering she worked with kids who have special needs, he knew this was something special.

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Javier purchased this beautiful ring from Seybold Jewelry Building in Miami, Fl.

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For Javier, it was the everyday moments, like seeing her interact with his family, her family and friends, etc, when he started looking at her and realizing that she is the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. “There is a moment in every man’s life when you just know. It is not like the movies where something dramatic happens and the guy realizes she is the one.”

“Catalina is currently finishing her Masters program in Boston and I picked Boston Public Garden because we always go there every time I am in town and it is one of our favorite parts in the city. I thought it will be great to do it at such a beautiful place and also to be able to go back to the bridge later on in our lives and remember where I asked her to marry me.”

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