Photo Romantic Austin Engagement Proposals: Cliff and Danielle

Romantic Austin Engagement Proposals: Cliff and Danielle

The picture-perfect engagement proposal can be as simple as a walk in the park…literally. We helped Cliff surprise Danielle with a day she will never forget.


On a beautiful summer day, Cliff invited Danielle for a romantic stroll through a scenic park in Austin, however, there would be more than nature awaiting Danielle.


At the picture-perfect moment, Cliff told Danielle how much he loved her, and proved it to her by getting down on one knee and taking out a diamond ring.

Danielle couldn’t help but scream YES! And Paparazzi Proposals was there to capture every moment. After all the excitement, Cliff pointed out our sneaky photographer, who then took the newly-engaged couple around the park for an impromptu engagement portrait session. And they looked fantastic. Thomas-48Thomas-83Thomas-84Thomas-64Thomas-59

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