Photo Rockefeller Ice Skating Engagement Proposal

Rockefeller Ice Skating Engagement Proposal

Doug wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Chana, with a proposal at Rockefeller Ice Rink. The only problem? Chana was scared of ice skating! 

With Doug’s love and encouragement, Chana built the courage to get on the rink and, soon after, Doug built the courage to get down on one knee. Check out his full Rockefeller ice skating engagement proposal, here!

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“Chana and I first met at her work.   She was a blackjack dealer for the Sands Casino, and I was simply a player. We met about 3 years ago, however, we both were involved in other relationships. During that 3 year period, I would always stop by her table or walk by and just give her a smile or tease her.  Sometimes, I would just look at her hand, as she was engaged at the time, but respectfully never pushed the issue. Her smile and personality was what attracted me, but I also had a lot of respect for her as a person. She would light up a room or brighten your day with that smile, and she always knew how to make you feel better.”


“So, this past May, I was just randomly speaking with her good friend Sarah, discussing my current single life status of 6 months, and she asked me who I liked.    Well, it was kind of funny because Sarah was a poker dealer, and Chana, now a Dual Rate Supervisor/dealer for the Sands, was working at the tables beside the poker room. Thus, I pointed to Chana. So, Sarah said to me, ‘You do realize Chana is single now and for several months.’  I almost fell off my chair and told her she really just rocked my world. A few weeks passed and, once again, I found myself playing poker, and Sarah was my dealer and going on break. Chana was working the same blackjack area beside the poker room and finally Sarah had enough of me just talking and begged me to just ask her out to dinner. She decided to take the ball into her own hands and went to speak to Chana and told her she is going to dinner and that I would  be over to ask her shortly. From that moment, the magic and attraction just blossomed for the both of us. We had a lot of fears, as we both came out of horrible relationships, but quickly those fears became our strengths, as we both knew what we always wanted and deserved. Now, here we are.”

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“I chose Rockefeller Center in New York because its atmosphere is so romantic and festive for the holidays. I had some reservations because Chana has never ice skated and I knew she would be fearful because of a nasty break in her leg years back. Of course, I kept the whole idea a total surprise, as she is the most difficult person in the world to surprise and figures almost everything out. So, when we arrived and I told her, she wasn’t happy and did it with a lot of resistance. When we got on the ice, she held the rail, and we slowly worked our way around the ice. I tried to pull her off the rail and she was like, ‘Oh, hell no, I’ll stay against the rail.’ I knew getting her to the center of the rink wasn’t going to happen, so I stopped and told her I was tired in order to text Greg (the secret photographer from Paparazzi Proposals) that she wanted to get off the ice now, and she meant now. We passed the 1st exit and she said, ‘Sweetie, we can get off here.’ I told her no, not on an exit, as we were just about to get to the tree, so I texted Greg again and said it’s happening at the rail in front of the statue and, thankfully, he was prepared.   I told her everything I wanted to say and dropped down to one knee and proposed. She was so excited for the engagement and so fearful of falling, that she actually forgot to answer me.  When I stood up, I whispered ‘Sweetie, you didn’t say yes yet.’ Upon this realization, she clung to the wall with that beautiful smile and said ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ That’s how our whole relationship has been.  We have our own unique, memorable moments. I am the luckiest man in the world.”

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