Photo Redondo Beach Engagement Proposals: David and Caitlin

Redondo Beach Engagement Proposals: David and Caitlin

David reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to capture his Redondo beach engagement proposal during a stunning sunset.
we coordinated for our photographer to be posing as a tourist, discreetly capturing every moment.
Prior to their arrival, she set up a blanket with 24 red roses and champagne, which David used as the cue to get down on one knee.
The newly-engaged company shared with us how they met and fell in love.
Redondo Beach Engagement Proposals

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“We met on a dating website at the beginning of January in 2017.
 I clicked on her profile because I thought she was beautiful, but I messaged her because we had so much in common. I almost didn’t message her because I thought she was out of my league! But, when I did talk to her it turned out that we had more in common than what was on her profile. To add icing to the cake, she was smart and funny as well.” -David
 “The first thing that attracted me to David was that he seemed like an intelligent person. At first, even though it was through messaging & eventually texting, we could carry on a conversation for hours. He was (and still is) very intelligent, handsome, and he knew how to make me laugh.” -Caitlin
Redondo Beach Engagement Proposals
 “I actually knew after our first date that I would end up proposing to her one day. On that date we just sat and talked for over 6 hours, but it felt like minutes. Since then I’ve grown to love her more and more every day, and when we started planning a vacation to California, I knew the moment had finally arrived.” -David
  “There was a lot that happened that made me realize he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. In this relationship, I have always felt comfortable, happy, and very much loved. I don’t know if ever had the “aha!” moment – I just knew I wanted him beside me for the rest of my life.” -Caitlin
 “I chose to propose at Redondo Beach because she was born in the area. I wanted to go to where it all started and ask her to start a new life with me.
The only help I received planning the proposal was from Paparazzi Proposals, figuring out times and excuses to get her to the spot.
I purchased her ring from Kay jewelers. I actually had her pick it out, because I wanted her to like the ring she would (hopefully) wear forever.” -David
Redondo Beach Engagement ProposalsRedondo Beach Engagement ProposalsRedondo Beach Engagement Proposals

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