Photo Proposal Photography – San Francisco – Daryl and Celeste

Proposal Photography – San Francisco – Daryl and Celeste

Daryl wanted a little help in making his proposal unique, special and memorable.

So he contacted for some help with ideas as to how to pop the big question.  However, he still wanted more. So to make it even bigger, he also contacted Paparazzi Proposals for our one-of-a-kind surprise proposal photography services!

He knew their trip to San Francisco would be the perfect time and place to surprise her! So as they took a romantic stroll, she certainly had no idea one of our paparazzi-style photographers was secretly following them and snapping pictures of every moment of their magical afternoon. As they stopped to take a rest and admire the surroundings, Daryl made his big move. As Celeste turned to admire some of the architecture, Daryl got down on his knee and pulled a stunning engagement ring from his jacket. As she turned around, Celeste was met with the biggest surprise and joy in her life! Take a look at the photographs from this monumental moment in their relationship here.

Our proposal photography provides you with genuine photographs of your actual proposal. This beautiful event in your relationship only happens once. With our hidden paparazzi-style photographer, we can provide you with amazing pictures of the moment you officially become an engaged couple. These surprise pictures are a great way to include your family, friends and loved ones in this special moment and make for an incredible birthday, wedding or anniversary gift for your fiancee. Contact us for a free session of proposal ideas and locations. Or click to see more of the amazing San Francisco proposals we have been a part of. Or check out our other California proposals. Still want to learn more? Click here to learn how we help you plan, pull-off and photograph this big event! We have photographers in every major city across the U.S. ready to help you plan, execute and photograph your perfect proposal!