Photo Proposal Photography – San Diego Vineyard Proposal – Paul and Harriet

Proposal Photography – San Diego Vineyard Proposal – Paul and Harriet

Paul was madly in love with Harriet and knew he wanted to marry her.

It was just a matter of where and when. He wanted everything to be perfect. The setting had to be just right, the moments leading up to it romantic. But that wasn’t enough. He also wanted to capture all of it, providing them with a way to chronicle this amazing moment in their relationship.

That’s where Paparazzi Proposals came in. With our unique surprise proposal photography, we were able to secretly photograph all of the moments leading up to, during and after his proposal, giving them genuine photos of the actual moment he dropped to a knee and proposed. He set up a private tour and tasting at Orfile Vineyards and Winery, which would provide a stunning backdrop for the moment they would become an engaged couple.

As they quietly sat sipping on wine and enjoying their unbelievably beautiful surroundings sitting amongst the vineyards, Paul made his move. As he professed how much she meant to him and how much he loved her, he dropped to a knee and asked “will you marry me.” Shocked and elated Harriet quickly said “yes!” Our paparazzi-style photographer, who had been discreetly snapping shots of the couple from afar, now popped out, and the two posed for some amazingly beautiful newly-engaged couple portraits. Take a look at all of the pictures from this magical moment here.

Harriet was thrilled Paul had hired Paparazzi Proposals to capture this incredible moment. They would now be able to let their family and friends in on this romantic and monumental event in their relationship, and cherish these mementos for a long time, even sharing with their children some day.

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