Photo Proposal Photography – Pittsburgh – Stephen’s Surprise Skyline Proposal

Proposal Photography – Pittsburgh – Stephen’s Surprise Skyline Proposal

The moment you propose is a magical event in your relationship.

This once in a lifetime moment can never be duplicated or reenacted. Now imagine having professional, genuine photographs of the actual moment you get engaged to cherish and share with family and friends.

That’s were Paparazzi Proposals comes in. Our unique proposal photography uses professional, paparazzi-style photographers to secretly snap photographs of the moments before, during and after you propose. These unique pictures are a perfect way to share this special moment with the ones you love. Our photographer can remain hidden afterwards, giving you the opportunity to give these beautiful photographs to your loved one as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift. We can also join you in your post-proposal celebration, and conduct a newly-engaged couple portrait shoot, perfect for a save-the-date or engagement announcement. Click to see how Stephen nailed his perfect Pittsburgh skyline proposal here.

Curious to see other proposals we have helped plan and photograph? Click here to take a look at all of the amazing proposals we have been a part of. You can also contact us for a free brainstorming conversation in which we can provide you with romantic ideas and creative locations. Still want to learn more about how Paparazzi Proposals helps you plan and pull-off the perfect marriage proposal? Learn more about how we work.

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