Photo Proposal Photography – New York – Timothy & Hanah’s Proposal

Proposal Photography – New York – Timothy & Hanah’s Proposal

Now this is how you pull off a romantic surprise marriage proposal!

Timothy had known he wanted to marry Hanah for some time. However, he wanted to make sure would have no idea when it would be and it would be done in a way she would never forget. The romantic in him quickly took over…

He meticulously planned a fun night out in the city including dinner and tickets to see The Nutcracker, followed by a private horse and carriage ride which would secretly be awaiting them afterwards.

But he didn’t stop there. He also contacted Paparazzi Proposals for our surprise proposal photography services! Posing as a photographer for the horse and carriage company, Hanah thought it was exciting they were about to be featured as the couple for a new marketing campaign. Sure we were there to photograph the couple, but for a much bigger and better reason! Entering Central Park, the driver pulled up to the iconic Bow Bridge. As the two stepped out onto the bridge to soak in the gorgeous glow of the city lights sparkling above the tree tops, Timothy made his move! Down on bended knee, he asked Hanah if she would spend the rest of their lives together. Looking at these pictures, there is no need to tell you she said yes! Click to see all of the photographs from this enchanting evening.

The jig was up! Hanah now realized SHE was the reason we were there. She was delighted Timothy had brought along Paparazzi Proposals to photograph every second of this magical evening and big moment in their relationship. She was thrilled she could relive the moment time and time again with these stunning, genuine pictures of the actual moment he proposed.

Your proposal and engagement moment can never be reenacted or reproduced. Let Paparazzi Proposals surprise proposal photography capture your proposal, giving you mementos of the event to share with family, friends, or give as a gift to your loved one for a special occasion. Contact us to learn how we help you plan, pull-off and secretly capture this amazing moment, or let us spark your imagination with creative proposal ideas and romantic locations. We can also capture it on video too!