Photo Proposal Photography – Central Park, New York – Adam & Emily’s Proposal

Proposal Photography – Central Park, New York – Adam & Emily’s Proposal

Adam and Emily traveled to New York from the U.K. to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Little did Emily know, there were more “fireworks” planned!

Before they arrived here in the states, Adam had contacted Paparazzi Proposals for our unique brand of proposal photography. Using a professional paparazzi-style photographer, we are able to discreetly snap photographs of the actual moment you propose. The pictures taken by our hidden photographer make for an amazing birthday, wedding or anniversary gift to your loved one. Or, if you prefer, we can announce our presence after you propose and hang around for a traditional engaged-couple portrait shoot. We were able to capture all of their magical afternoon, including their surprise horse and carriage ride, which led them to a picnic blanket we had waiting for them, complete with 24 red roses and champaign! Here are all of the amazing pictures from this ridiculously romantic proposal.

Your proposal can never be duplicated or recreated. Imagine having photographs of this amazing moment to cherish forever? These pictures are great to share with family, friends and loved ones to make them a part of the actual moment you were engaged. Ready to plan your perfect proposal? Contact us for a free session of location ideas and proposal possibilities. Want to see more of our amazing proposals? Click to see the full gallery of our proposals from all across the U.S. Still want to know more about how we help you plan and photograph your special moment? Click to learn how it works!

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