Photo Proposal Ideas NYC – Flatiron, New York – James & Gisele’s Engagement

Proposal Ideas NYC – Flatiron, New York – James & Gisele’s Engagement

James was completely in love with Gisele.

Knowing he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he planned on making their last night in NYC an extra special one.

So he contacted Paparazzi Proposals to help him brainstorm some proposal ideas. With their help, he was able to plan and pull off the perfect proposal!

James recreated each detail of their first date, visiting every spot around New York City they had on their first magical night together. As they came across their favorite building, the iconic Flatiron Building, he made his move! Slowly getting down on one knee, he reminded Gisele how much she meant to him. As he professed his undying love, he asked “will you marry me?” Without hesitation, Gisele declared “yes!”and the night continued on as an engagement celebration! See all of the pictures from their enchanting evening here.

Paparazzi Proposals did more than just help him plan. They also provided their paparazzi-style proposal photography services, which secretly captured the magical moments of their night. In the distance, one of our photographers snapped pictures of it all, including the amazing moment he got on one knee and proposed!

Your proposal can never be duplicated or recreated. Imagine having photographs of this amazing moment to cherish forever? These pictures are great to share with family, friends and loved ones to make them a part of the actual moment you were engaged. Ready to plan your perfect proposal? Contact us for a free session of location ideas and proposal possibilities. Want to see more of our amazing proposals? Click to see the full gallery of our proposals from all across the U.S. Still want to know more about how we help you plan and photograph your special moment? Click to learn how it works!

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