Photo Proposal Ideas – Dallas Gondola Proposal – Ammar & Elina

Proposal Ideas – Dallas Gondola Proposal – Ammar & Elina

Ammar loved Elina and he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her.

It wasn’t a question of “if” he would propose…it was a question of how he would do it.

So he contacted Paparazzi Proposals, and we were able to help him by offering several romantic and creative proposal ideas to help make the event even more memorable. Eventually deciding on a private gondola ride with Dallas’ Gondola Adventures, the stage was set for this monumental moment in their relationship.

With a stunning diamond ring from Robbins Brothers in hand, he was now ready to pop the big question. As the two gently floated along the canal, they noticed what looked like a message in a bottle bobbing in the water. They quickly pulled it on board and Elina opened it to find a beautifully written love letter. Reading the lovely words Ammar had written as a proclamation of his love, tears began to well up. As her eyes reached the bottom of the scroll, it simply read, “will you marry me?” Just one look at the amazing photographs from this touching proposal and you will know Elina’s answer…YES!

How are there photographs of the actual moment he proposed, you ask? Well, Paparazzi Proposals does way more than help plan and pull-off the perfect marriage proposal. With our discreet paparazzi-style proposal photography, we are able to secretly capture every moment before, during and after they say yes. The pictures we take of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime moment allow you to share the magic with family and friends. This event can never be reproduced or recreated. Having these genuine pictures are a great memento of the instant you became an engaged couple and can be cherished for a lifetime. Our photographer can also remain hidden after the proposal instead, allowing you to surprise your fiancee  with these photographs as a wedding or anniversary present.

Click to learn how we help you plan, pull-off and photograph your dream marriage proposal. You can also contact us for a complimentary brainstorming session of creative proposal ideas and romantic locations. You can also see more of the amazing proposal we have been a part of in our proposal gallery. Know of someone planning on getting engaged? Make sure you tell them about all of the unique services Paparazzi Proposals offers to make this special moment even more memorable!