Photo Pittsburgh Engagement Proposals: Nick and Dakota

Pittsburgh Engagement Proposals: Nick and Dakota

Pittsburgh has countless beautiful locations to propose in, but some happen to have more sentimental meaning. For Nick and Dakota, the meaning was three special words. 

These are only some of our favorite photos, but make sure to check out their beautiful photo album from their special day here!

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In September of 2014, Nick and Dakota coincidently ended up among the same group of friends going bar hopping. Dakota mentioned to her roommate that she thought one of the guys in the group was very cute, however, he wasn’t dancing. Her roommate took the liberty of “accidentally” pushing her against the cute guy, who happened to be Nick. It was a good thing she did, because Dakota and Nick talked and dance for the rest of the night.

Besides physicality, Nick was drawn to how well their personalities meshed together. Nick loved how easy Dakota was to talk to and how she carried herself. Dakota was initially drawn to his eyes, and quickly became head-over-heels due to his charismatic nature and how he showed to care for her from the beginning.

There wasn’t a specific moment in time when they both knew they found the one, but as the relationship grew, suddenly, they couldn’t imagine spending their lives without one another. It was all the small moments in their relationship that made them realized they needed each other.

Nick proposed to Dakota at the same spot he first told her that he loved her. He purchased the beautiful ring from Smyth jewelers in Timonium, Maryland!

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