Photo Philadelphia Marriage Proposal at the Love Statue

Philadelphia Marriage Proposal at the Love Statue

Their relationship officially began in Philadelphia’s Iconic Love Park several years ago.

So when planning his marriage proposal, Rob knew the Love Statue, for which this legendary park was named after, would be the perfect spot for his proposal. He also knew it would provide the perfect backdrop for Paparazzi Proposals one-of-a-kind surprise proposal photography!

But before we get to all that, let’s hear the tale of how he and Caity met and fell in love!

They first met back in 2010 while both attending the University of Delaware. It was Greek Week, and both being in a fraternity and sorority respectively, it allowed their paths to cross…on the dance floor! As Rob puts it, “I asked her to dance, and I was after her ever since then!”

He confesses that he felt she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and was hypnotized by her beautiful blue eyes. Caity, on the other hand, quickly became infatuated by his huge smile and, as she puts it, “the way he looked into my eyes when he spoke to me.” She also shared that his selflessness made it pretty easy to fall hard for him.

As he enthusiastically pursued her love and attention, he became even more smitten and determined to be with her, now knowing she was the one. As fate would have it, his persistence was what pushed her over the edge in knowing this was man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Love Park was the spot where he first asked to her officially start dating him, and it would now also be the sight of where they would become an engaged couple!

This heartwarming Philadelphia marriage proposal was all expertly captured by one of Paparazzi Proposals discreetly hidden photographers. Our sneaky snapper was perfectly positioned to capture the magical moments leading up to, during and after the moment he pulled out an amazing engagement ring from Blue Nile, and dropped to a knee to propose. We think her answer is pretty clear when you take a peek at the amazing pictures from their special day, here.

Caity was thrilled he used Paparazzi Proposals to memorialize this monumental moment in their relationship. They now had stunning photos of this event to share with their family and friends. This moment can never be recreated or reenacted. Paparazzi Proposals provides you with genuine photographs that capture the raw joy and excitement of your proposal. Click here to see more of our amazing proposals. Ready to let us help you plan and secretly photograph your own perfect proposal? Contact us today for creative proposal ideas and romantic locations in Philadelphia, or anywhere in the U.S!