Photo Patrick’s Brooklyn Promenade Proposal

Patrick’s Brooklyn Promenade Proposal

Paparazzi Proposals was honored to be a part of this heartwarming proposal. Before you check out all of the amazing photographs from their magical moment, take a peek at their back story. It’s even sweeter than the proposal!

How They Met:

Patrick and Gabriella met while both attending the University of Rhode Island. With a large group of mutual friends in common, the two clicked from the start and quickly realized how much they shared in common.

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How They Knew They Had Met “The One”

Gabriella first realized Patrick was the one when once they began talking about the future and what each wanted. Their wants, hopes and dreams, however far-fetched or silly, were almost identical. She also loved how much fun they would have on the simplest of dates. As he stood by and supporting her during her most vulnerable times, it only strengthened the feeling that she had found the man she was destined to be with!

Patrick’s revelation came after the first year they started dating. He admitted, that before they met he seemed to lack motivation and direction in his life. However, as their relationship progressed and started to blossom, he suddenly found himself working harder than he ever has. The more he did so, the more Gabriella supported and pushed him. When he realized she was just as caring and supportive when he would fall, he knew this was the woman he wished to spend the rest of his life with.

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Why Did You Choose This Location To Propose?

We chose New York because it has always been an important place to both of us. We visit often, and have always talked about how much we would love to someday live here. As it turns out, we both had privately dreamt about someday being a part of this city before we even met! The Brooklyn Heights Promenade was a perfect spot to propose as it provides a stunning view of the city, a place close to both of our hearts. Getting engaged somewhere so special to both of us really felt right.

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So cute! Check out the couple’s full proposal slideshow, here.