Parvinder and Luvleen’s treasure hunt paparazzi proposal, New York.

This proposal started out as a Treasure Hunt around New York and finished with a beautiful proposal!

The team from Brilliant Event Planning had put together an amazing day and we were there to capture the whole event.

The day started with Parvinder and his two friends taking Luvleen to The Natural History Museum were a fake treasure hunt had been set up. As the two teams split up, Parvinder and Luvleen went a number of stages throughout the city while the Roof top bar at INK48 was being set up.

At the last clue, Parvinder and Luvleen wree split up and that gave Parvinder the chance to get changed and ready to surprise Luvleen at the rooftop!

If you would like ideas, help or advice planning an amazing proposal like this Sarah Pease and her team at Brilliant Event Planning have years of experience and guidance to help produce a perfect proposal.

You can view the whole album of pictures here.