Photo Paparazzi Proposals Love Stories: Matthew and Alyson

Paparazzi Proposals Love Stories: Matthew and Alyson

Matthew reached out to Paparazzi Proposals to plan the picture-perfect New York engagement proposal for his girlfriend Alyson during their trip in the city. 

He invited her to view the sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge, which boasts incredible views of the Manhattan skyline. There was more to this morning walk than Alyson expected, and Matthew shortly found himself down on one knee. Matthew shared with us how they met working at the same restaurant years ago, and how cupcakes for his birthday eventually led to this beautiful engagement!New York engagement proposal

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“Alyson and I met at a restaurant in 2013 in San Pedro California. She was the hostess, and I was a new server that they had just hired. She actually was not a big fan of having to train me as she said I was not meant to be a hostess. On later conversations, as her and I got closer, I learned that I was also not meant to be a waiter either as the managers would tell her not to seat me too many tables as I couldn’t handle too many tables at once. But her seating me the good tables in the beginning while we both still worked there helped fund our initial dates.

The things that most attracted me to Alyson were her confidence, as well as her work ethic. When we first met I was amazed by the girl who didn’t stop. She worked at the restaurant, an Ice Cream company, as well as babysit and still found the time to have many friends, work out, go to college and make time for our dates. I looked at her as the super girl who was also incredibly thoughtful. The first time I knew she actually liked me was when it was my birthday and she brought in cupcakes from a fancy Beverly Hills cupcake place. Being that I am not from LA originally and have never heard of sprinkles cupcakes, I thought it was just a coincidence that she brought these cupcakes on my birthday but finally one of the other servers pushed me to go thank Alyson for them. They were indeed for me, even though I was completely oblivious to her sweet and subtle gesture of showing me that she was interested.”New York engagement proposal

“I knew pretty fast that she was the one I would spend my life with and it scared me so I actually started stalling the situation as it was a new feeling for me, and I wanted to make sure that I was ready to be the guy that she deserved as I completely felt out of my league in initial dates. Alyson and I have made our best memories while traveling and its something that we do at every moment that we can. I wanted to make sure that it was somewhere special and a place that we could come back to for years to come and remember the day that I got her out of bed at 530 am to go walk the Brooklyn Bridge.”

New York engagement proposal New York engagement proposal New York engagement proposalNew York engagement proposal

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