Palace of Fine Arts Engagement Photography: Lujain and Marina

Palace of Fine Art engagement photography is some of our most beautiful sessions, and it is even more special when it starts off with a proposal!
Lujain wanted to surprise Marina with the ultimate engagement surprise, so he invited her to tour the Palace of Fine Arts. We arranged for sneaky videographer and photographer to be there waiting to capture every moment. They even set up a blanket with 24 red roses and a bottle of champagne for their arrival.

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“We met on August 22nd in UC Berkeley. We started studying together and by time we knew got closer. We both are from a similar culture so we were able to understand each other easily. What I really like about him first his kind heart and how he loves everyone around him. After building the trust between each other and he knew everything about me I decided to choose him.”  -Marina
“I met Marina Marina three years ago when I started my education at UC Berkeley. She really did not like me at first to be honest, but thinks changed drastically as we got closer through studying, then hanging out, then getting to know each other more and more. We both studied nuclear engineering, and we took mostly the same classes.
I loved how truly strong and independent person she is; at the same time, she loves helping others, family, friends, and strangers. She is that one person you can truly really on in anything, her intelligence and hard work is one of a kind.
I know she was the one after dating her, in particular when she opened up to me about her life.I was amazed by the type of person she is, and how honest and real she is.”  -Lujain
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