Photo Organize a Flash mob for your engagement proposal

Organize a Flash mob for your engagement proposal

With the newspapers constantly pulling out brilliant and creative engagements we thought we would put a step by step guide as to how to pull off the perfect proposal!

Every week it seems either in the news or in the paper there is another crazy, public and creative engagement that is grabbing the headlines from around the world!

The typical romantic engagement which is still great seems to be overtaken by public and crazy engagements from everything to flash mob dancers to graffiti artists.  We’re no stranger to helping people pull off these creative engagements! As the nation’s leading proposal planning and photography company, you name it, we’ve helped plan and capture it!

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What is a flash mob?

We have all seen them on Youtube but have you ever witnessed a random group of what appears to be strangers suddenly dancing in perfect sync in a public area? Lately Flash mobs have become an increasingly popular way to surprise a soon to be fiance finishing with a guy down on one knee. These flash mobs can take shape in any public or private place, from Subways to trains stations! If your fiance to be is a fan of being danced too and the centre of attention this a great, fun and cool way to make an everyday walk in the park a moment that will be remembered forever.

Why is a flash mob perfect for marriage proposals?

Flash mobs are great for proposals as they can turn the everyday routine of traveling to work or walking to get a coffee suddenly turn in to a sea of dancers and your favorite music! It is a great way to completely surprise your loved one and take the everyday and turn it into a once in a life time experience!

How to organize your own flash mob?

There are several ways to go about organizing a flash mob. First you have to decide on the size and location, depending on the size you may want more or less dancers that can really make the moves and routine look funky. Once the location and number of dancers have been decided, contact your local dance school in the area, there are hundred of dance schools that would be dying to get the chance to dance in a public area. Make sure you choreograph the routine and make it short and snappy, you want it to be fast and flowing and preferably to her favorite song! Another popular style of flash mobs are also singing groups that suddenly burst int song and can sing her favorite song. The last and the MOST important part of it all is RECORD it! It will happen in ( pardon the pun) a flash and you both will want to share the moment with friends and family across the world.

Some flash mob inspiration

Larry’s Central Park Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Check out the proposal photography and video package Larry and Pavlos both booked to capture his incredible Central Park flash mob engagement!

Pavlos’ Times Square Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Dont think its just Flash Mobs that make for a cool engagement!

We have done a number of very cool and unique engagements here at Paparazzi Proposals. With the element of surprise always being forefront in our planning and preperation there are lots of creative options. Always think about what is key and special to your soon to be fiance will want! It does not have to be public and a massive gesture to mean the absolute world to her! We recently had a contact us from the UK  who wanted to do a street art engagement in New York. He wanted to create a unique one of a kind mural in which to drop to one knee in front of but wanted to keep the moment intimate. After consulting with us we found the leading graffiti artist in New York who created a mural on canvas which we then stretched over a wooden frame in Central Park. By consulting with us and giving us enough time to create his perfect engagement, we created his unique street art mural in a private and intimate setting in central park!

Check out the video below.

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